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When you pull out and ejaculate on a woman's forehead, smear it across her head with your thumb and say "Simba".
She got mad after I gave her the Circle of Life last week.
by TWIsM May 05, 2011
41 16
cumming on someones face and wiping it across their forehead while whispering "Simba"
1:you have cum on your forehead
2: yea that guy cave me the circle of life last night
by fuckshitcockass October 01, 2009
18 20
Players gotta play and haters gotta hate...
Steve and Jenelle are players... Amber is a hater... they are both fulfilling their respective roles. This is the Circle of Life
by EisenbergCera October 23, 2011
4 7
When a man give himself oral pleasure, thus creating the circle of life. Also known as, Circling yourself
I walked in on Tommy and he was giving himself the Circle of Life.
by gamma_ray July 10, 2010
8 12
Two men engaging in anal sex where the giver is giving the receiver a reacharound and the receiver is giving the giver a thumbaround.
Everybody gets off when in the circle of life
by sprayk July 29, 2010
5 10
When you cum so hard, it comes out her nose, then circles back into her mouth.
Dude, I came so hard last night it completed the Circle of Life.
by Tim/Kyle/Matt^2 July 25, 2008
30 36
Consuming food while sitting on the toilet taking a dump. Especially useful when you are hungry and have to go to the bathroom simultaneously. You don't have to make a choice. Do both.
Earlier today I was sitting on the john doing the circle of life with a ham sandwich.
by A Chase January 18, 2008
23 29