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A day where everyone acts like blacks do and walk out of stores with a bunch of stuff worth way more than they normally would have to pay. It is also a day where Deals take place everywhere, just like the Nigger ghetto, except these deals do not rip you off!
Rachel: Hey Jasmine there are a lot of deals tomorrow, you want to go Nigger Friday shopping?

Jasmine (Nigress): Cracker, I don't need no deals! All I need is a dick to suck for my crack, and I go shoppin in da store anytime I want and don't never pay a damn thing.
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by timmyv November 29, 2010
Martin Luther King Jr Day, a day that some pretend to be Niggers and stay home instead of working, its really ironic to have a holiday for blacks, as they don't go to work anyways so whats the point?
Black dude to his white neighbor(sad that he cant rob his house with him gone): Cracker why ya home

White: Its All Nigs Day
Black: Whats that?
White: A day we all act like you niggers do everyday and stay home from work.
Black: What's work?
White: What white people do so black people can get food, shelter, clothing and coming soon, cell phones.
#nigger #dick #kill #welfare #worthless #prison
by timmyv January 18, 2010
A young boss who shaves their head bald in order to be more intimidating.

Often of Asian or South American descent, these guys have no real qualifications to supervise anyone but generally married into a business through a business owners sibling. Known for being completely worthless as supervisors, always covering their asses, scheduling recurring meetings they blow off, putting off annual reviews and being generally obnoxious. Much of the time on vacation, skipping work or generally fucking around, these guys are never around when you need them, and seem to always be around when you don't want them to be. They also tend to think they know more than people who worked years in a field do.
Mike: Did you see my damn boss Mark today? He finally scheduled my review!

Pete: No , and my Bald Headed Prick blew off our weekly meeting again this morning, they are probably trying to golf those fuckers!

Mike: Fuck em!
#prick #bald #brazil #china #asian #dick #cock
by timmyv October 06, 2011
To grab a feline, usually a cat or other said feline shaped creature, and using both hands hold it up as high as you can as done at the beginning of The Lion King.
"why are you bringing your cat Athena up the mountain?"
"What better place to Circle of Life her?"
#lion king #cat #peta #torture #mountain
by timmyv August 23, 2015
The very dangerous creatures that lurk in the prisons of the United States, preying on young white inmates. Their origin is Africa but were introduced during colonization of the Americas.
Nick: I got nothing to worry about I'm just going to prison.

Tim: Unless you encounter a cell serpent

Nick: Oh shit...

Tim: Shitting will be easier...
#nigger #niggers #black #drugdealer #prison #rape #prison rape #ass rape #giant dicks
by timmyv January 15, 2011
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