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- adjective, noun

This word originates in the Hoffman Estates High School cafeteria. Right after you first enter through the glass wall, you'll see a bunch of tables that are round with seats surrounding them. This word describes the type of people who sit at these tables.

A circle table kid is the type of kid who:

1. Enjoys watching anime and dressing like their favorite character to school. This isn't just for Halloween, this is everyday. They wear cat ears, ninja gloves/headbands, and capes.

2. They bring their nintendo ds to school and insist on showing everyone how cool they are for doing so. Hunched over the table, they engage in intense matches of mario kart. These battles can lead to frightening fits of nerd rage and have been known to become dangerous.

3. Mostly white, there are also black circle table kids. These are not the typical blacks that roam the halls of hoffman in the bottom hallway before the cafeteria (the jungle). These, however, are equally frightening as the denizens of the jungle, but not because of their hostility or guns, but because they are really weird. These are the black kids who wear trench coats and fucking stare at you like a psycho. Feeling unidentified with their ghetto counterparts, they keep to themselves, plotting the next columbine.

Synonyms: Loser, Anime Faggot, Nobody, Future Serial Killer

"Hey did you see that pale chick wearing a cape, what a circle table kid."

"Dude this stuffed anime animal thing would be perfect for a circle table kid to carry around school all day!"

"I once saw a circle table kid with a dead crow in her lunch box"
by Circle Table Kid April 01, 2009
This word originates in the Hoffman Estates High School cafeteria. There are rectangle tables and circle tables.

A circle table kid is the type of person who:

1. Knows how to read

2. Has other hobbies besides getting wasted or stoned

3. Has their own fashion sense

4. Has fun being themselves

5. Circle table kids don't need to match everyone else

6. Aren't complete assholes all the time

7. Can hold actual conversations

8. Usually loves music

9. Most of the time wouldn't hurt a fly

There are also other people who sit at the circle tables, they are the people who just have no where else to sit.
" That Circle Table Kid has mad Halo skills"

"I wish I could dance like a circle table kid"

"Gee, those circle table kids are really weird sometimes, but they sure are nice"
by circle_love May 11, 2009
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