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A massive squadron of men have an absurdly humungous fap sesh in a circular fashion. The 40+ men must then unload there precious fruit juices onto a young man by the name Ben Sugerman. He craves their fruits, and he must be chained to the floor, for the protection of the multiple circ jerkers. If not chained, Benny would ferociously jump and try to eat the jerkers dicks because in his mind, they are rather delicious, and he is not afraid to bite down. Post jerk, Sugerman plays and rolls in the semen, trying to drink as much as he can. He has never left the jerk site, for there is just too much juices from him to lick up in a reasonable amount of time.
We had a 100+ Circ Jerk on Ben, and they had to chain him on all limbs and his neck, for his thirst was unreal.
by Waffle Sauce January 14, 2013
A group of people complimenting each other for advancement.
Don't go into the boardroom man. It's a fucking circjerk in there when the sales team is together.
by bigalmcgee August 09, 2008
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