A song by Neil Young and Crazy Horse
"I can be happy for the rest of my life with a cinnamon girl"
by McDonald March 07, 2005
Top Definition
A song originally by Neil Young but was covered by the beautiful Type O Negative (R.I.P. PETER), which in all honesty was way better than Neil Young's original. (Being totally biased) The song though, is most likely about, him falling in love with a beautiful woman of mixed race. Like me. Which makes the song even better. Either that, or its just about some fierce woman, but i like my interpretation better.

"I wanna live with a cinnamon girl

I could be happy the rest of my life

With a cinnamon girl.

A dreamer of pictures I run in the night

You see us together, chasing the moonlight,

My cinnamon girl.

Ten silver saxes, a bass with a bow

The drummer relaxes and waits between shows

For his cinnamon girl.

A dreamer of pictures I run in the night

You see us together, chasing the moonlight,
My cinnamon girl.

Pa sent me money now

I'm gonna make it somehow

I need another chance

You see your baby loves to dance

Yeah...yeah...yeah. "
Dude: "This song is like that of The Stone's Brown Sugar. Basically getting the hots for a sexy tan exotic mama jama."

Random Goon: "The reference to a "cinnamon girl" can be thought of as either a spicy-sweet girl or a girl with a cinnamon complection. In either case, she's a refuge from the riggors of the nightly grind to make it big; a supporter of the artist's dream."

David: "Anna you wanna be my cinnamon girl?"

Me: "Sorry I wanna be someone else's cinnamon girl.."

David: " :( "
by Housewife Vagina July 22, 2010
Cover of Neil Young's song by Type O Negative, that sounds more better than original one.
"I want to live with cinnamon girl..."
by Atacha Yiolinar March 20, 2008
1) Another pathetic Neil Young song.
2) A half black, half asian/indian girl.
1) Neil young has a funny voice.
2) Damn that cinnamon girl is hot!
by The Worst Dominatrix In LA September 05, 2006
Like a Sugar Daddy (a slang term for a rich man who offers money or gifts to a less rich younger person in return for companionship or sexual favors)..., but a girl.
I'm broke. I need me a cinnamon girl.
by r0see February 11, 2011
An 1800's term for Native American Women.
She's Cherokee, a Cinnamon Girl.
by Smash Reflex November 07, 2014
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