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A finely crafted beverage from the hills of Appalachia consisting of cinnamon toast crunch mixed with punch.
The best restaurants in the world have several flavors of Cinnamon Toast Punch on tap.
#drink #beverage #cereal #breakast #food
by kirupa February 15, 2014
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The act of filling your sexual partner's anal cavity with cinnamon and anal fisting him/her. The paste like substance that is created from the act is usually spread over a piece of toast and shared between the two lovers. As a bonus the receiver of the act usually has nice smelling bowl movements for the next few days.
"Mary and I might take it to the next level tonight" -Tom

"Do you mean-" -Danny

"Yeah, I think she is finally going to give me a cinnamon toast punch" -Tom

"Dude SCHWEET" -Danny
#cinnamon toast punch #anal fisting #cinnamon #toast #punch
by Mr. Shiggles November 02, 2010
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