A protestor who lost her son in the Iraq war. She has vowed to stay outside the President's home in Crawford, Texas and the Whitehouse until she gets some answers on "why the US invaded Iraq?" There are other protestors out there that protest Cindy Sheehan's actions because they believe we should be supporting our troops and hope they have a safe trip home. Ciny Sheehan believes that her son died in vain. While othere beleive that our soldiers die for a cause. They believe that we our the last provider of peace, the last free country, and the greatest nation. They beleive that freedom does not come free and we have to fight for it and that it why they support our troops.
"The troops in Iraq would like our support, Cindy Sheehan is not supporting the troops. She doesn't understand that freedom is not free."
by KevinK. August 31, 2005
A woman who lost her son in the iraq war and is now protesting against the war outside w's ranch in Crawford, Texas. She is trying to end this moronic war, and I support her for doing that. Hey, to all the people who wrote definitions against her and everyone who gave those defs thumbs up- You have no dignity. Let's kill your children and see how you feel then.
Hey Bush, grow a pair and meet with Cindy Sheehan
by wrestlingfreak August 28, 2006

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