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A six-piece sister a capella group covering top 40
Man, did you hear Cimorelli's Coming Home Mashup?
Yeah man, it was totes rad.
by ohhhhhhhhhhhh March 21, 2011
THE most amazing 6 sisters ever, there in a band with eachother and have many awesome covers and original songs! all 6 girls are amazingly beautiful! Christina, Katherine,Lisa,Amy,Lauren and Dani!!!!! look them up on youtube!! your mids will be blown! the first time i heard them i was overwhelmed and i am now addicted to them for life!!!
by cimorellis biggest fan February 05, 2013
They are six amazing sisters who sing songs. They have really beautiful voices. Their names (in order of age are) Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Lauren and Dani. They are all amazingly talented and are super pretty and funny. Watch their videos on Youtube, you will become obsessed!!! OMG! They are just so perfect!!!
"Hey! Have you heard Cimorelli's cover of Stronger?"
"Yeah! The video was so pretty and it sounded so good! How many times did you watch it?"
"Only 20 times!!!!! I'm gonna go watch their other videos now and cry about how amazing they are, and I am just me :,("
by ikrsotrue May 22, 2013
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