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Cilledyocatbbich is the ritual in which you kill someones cat. Make a pentagram in a circle on there car; place each limb in a arm on the star with the head in the middle. This most be done at 3:15 A.M. on a full moon butt naked with your friend. This act can also be done by making a dream-catcher out of the cat by making a circle with its intestines and its tended all leading to its head in the middle. You can use the dream-catcher to keep people out of your room when you sleep. You most then though dirt on the blood for 15 days until the new-moon comes. This ritual will curse your enemies and bless you. (This is a very common ritual for devout atheist, Jews, vampires, werewolf, Catholics, Mormons, Muslims, Buddhist, and even Hindus.)
Werewolf: Ware where you yesterday.

Vampire: O, I had a problem with my ex-girl fried so I performed Cilledyocatbbich To get back at here.
by dickman5000 February 09, 2014
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