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The most wonderful thing to have ever been created from an apple.

Bittersweet apple juice fermented and then drunk, particularly in the summertime.

Get's you off your face quicker than beer.
Not gassy at all, so very easy to drink.
The best brands are Strongbow and Magners.
Makes beer taste like a tramp's scrotum.

The good Lord made apples for one reason - CIDER.
"When i die, i want to be embalmed in cider."

"Pint of Strongbow please, mate"

"Magners with ice please, mate"


by Prem Shah September 18, 2006
Cider: Used by those in the know in place of weed, green or grass.

Can be used to describe a particularly potent strain of cannabis such as the infamous Grandaddy Purps.

Often used to mask a smoker's intentions from police/family, for example:
"Guy1: Is cider cheap tonight?
Guy2: Yeah it is man!"
by BASALT August 29, 2010
is a form of really good hash/weed.
to use to escape from bizzies, for example "could i please possibly purchase some cider" sounds better than "ey lad get me a fucking bag of dat fucking cheese lad".
by bigman123wat? August 28, 2010
Cider traditionally is an incredibly potent strain of cannabis, obtained by crossing Blue Cheese with Grandaddy purps.
This strain, however is rare and "Cider" is mainly used as a buzzword by shitty dealers to make their product sound more appealing
You: Mate, that bags fucking skinny
Him: Naaa lad it's fuckin' Cider mate, dis'll get ya fuckin' smashed lad
by Tixarn1 August 29, 2010
An alcoholic beverage made from fermented apple juice that oils the wheels of society in the West of England

see also scrumpy, zyder, white cider
You aint lived until you've got ratted on cider.
by black flag June 02, 2004
n,:A substance that will make your penis grow
Q:"How do toy make your penis grow?"
A:"Soak it in cider"(insider her)
by Woody73 October 28, 2007
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