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1.) A beautiful women who has a wonderful figure

2.) A true bestfriend who will always be there when you need her

3.) Very loveable and EVERY guy wants her

4.) Very honest and trustworthy

5.) Is a very picky eater :)

6.) The greatest person you will ever meet
Damn that Ciarra is sooo cool i wish i could be like her.
#loveable #honest #trustworthy #beautiful #best friend
by britcee2012 February 07, 2010
A female who is kind, lovable, honest, strong minded, and very intelligent in some way. Also can be very romantic, take risks, and is physically attractive. Her personality is the best, especially her cheerful laugh, never gives up and loves to dream.

All the guys love or like her in some way and enjoy her company. All the girls think she's pretty cool, but can get jealous easily. Ciarra can be social, yet stubborn. A very emotional person, but can connect to others deeply. In Greek, Ciarra means 'strong and true' which is hat a Ciarra will be!

A Ciarra is fun to be with!
Man I wish my Gf was a Ciarra!
#kind #smart #romantic #wise #fun
by Clock time September 26, 2013
A sexy bitch who everybody would want to date. Most people would like to put her in a sack and keep them for theirselves😘😍
Get away from my Ciarra.
#sexy #awesome #athletic #funny #pretty #soccer star
by Wanta54jp June 12, 2015
1) A woman who consistanly demands sex

2) A woman who call's her lover a lame ass bitch

3) An Ebony Goddess

4) Someone who is sittin right next to me
1) Sorry man i couldent come over last night, the girl i was with was a real ciarra.

2) Man this girl keeps giving me so much shit, she must be a ciarra.

3) MMMMM MMMMMM look at that ciarra.
by Nesbian August 16, 2005
a girl who likes it rough, and is easily addicted to huge penis!!
Man, i just masturbated to a hot pussy...she must be a CIARRA!
by Haley April 14, 2005
A term used to identify somebody who likes big floppy vagina
#ciarra #lesbian #vagina #ice cream #anticock
by fuckpopsickles December 03, 2008
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