Chuuuch is a word used to describe one who exhibits Boss Playa tendencies and is worthy of coronation to the throne of Boss Playa (ceremony to be performed by the Archbishop of the Diocese of Famous Playas Everywheeeerrrrreeee!!!).
Upon receipt of 'dis crown, Big Snoop Dogg will be a Boss Playa. Skin and games.... Chuuuch!!! I hereby pronounce you "Boss Playa"!!!
by Monsigner of Chuuuch!!! October 15, 2003
Cognate of the English word "church."

Technical and exclamatory term, also a covert alert which was fashioned by a rap artist meaning that "we have had fun but we need to leave." People in general would rather be watching football instead of going to church.
"Dis club is wack in the pejorative sense. Chuuch."
by DJ Wif Cheese December 20, 2007
Non-Jewish form of Shalom
Person 1: Chuuch! Person 2: Shalom!
by Andrew March 04, 2003
Chuuch is the word Snoop uses alot because its the name of his recording studio in Los Angeles, The Chuuch, his mixtapes welcome to the chuuch were recorded there.

And he also uses it to agree or an aknowledgement if he agrees.
welcome to the chuuch

Soopafly: Yo snoop lets go flip the scrizzle on these dizzles.

Snoop: Chuuch!!
by Egin September 09, 2003
a studio/hangout in tha lbc where snoop an his homies jus chill an record shyt..he uses the word for..i dunno wut tha fuk it means but its his word sooo yea..
u know how we do up in tha lbc nigga... chuuch.
by Anonymous August 09, 2003
Sharp, slick, unpredictable
Keepin it down playa, Pimps up hoes down .Green for the money Gold for the honey. We off and we runnin it. chuuuch
by Joanne January 09, 2004
this word may possibly be a variant of "shtoops". Any input?
by Manuel Riliz and da Big Shizzer November 03, 2003

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