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A horrible disease that occurs when ingesting 3 dozen eggs, progressing to 5 dozen eggs. The illness is more common in those named Gaston. Without proper treatment, The Chutley has a mortality rate of nearly 90%
Treatment of The Chutley, or, Chutterson Fever, consists of the infected person bathing in goat urine for 48 hours straight, drinking plenty of Georgi vodka, and being anally penetrated by a cafeteria worker named Gladys, with a (metal) baseball bat. It can be prevented with frequent sexual endeavors and BBQ sauce.
"Charles caught the Chutley, it's really unfortunate. He just got over AIDS."
by Gaston Scudley September 26, 2011
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An attractive Asian woman that will force someone in your fantasy baseball league to trade you Chase Utley if you get her to sleep with him.
Look at that chick... she's a total Chutley.
by The Village October 04, 2007
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