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The word Chussar is derived from chuss. It refers to a person who makes very lame jokes.

Unlike chuss, at times, being called a Chussar is not a disgrace rather an honor.
Person 1: What is the time ?

Person 2 : Time of your death (scary laugh)

Person 1 : Go away ! You are such a chussar !
by Chussar11 January 17, 2011
Person who tries to invents humor from ordinary situations. This term is commonly used among university students in Pakistan.
Alice: Can you please drop me at market at your way to office?
Bob: No! I can't drop you.
Alice: Why is that? It won't take you more that 2 minutes
Bob: Because if I drop you from my car, you might get hurt :D
Alice: You are such a chussar :@
by Pahgee April 28, 2011