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the plural for churrin, more than one children
ya'll churrins want some scrawberries
by Sheri' June 09, 2005
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Children, used for people who slur things together
Hey ya'll churrin get back in here.
by kyle January 15, 2004
15 7
Stolen from the kiwi's (new zealanders)word 'chur' Which means means everything bro! chur!!

Churrin' (created by Australians) usually used as a verb means everything in action.

Simular words being cheerin, chillin, yew, where as churrin says it all in 1

Keep churrin' dudes
Dude: Wats doin?
Aussie: Churrin' Dude!
by DaaShit#1 March 21, 2010
1 5