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A chubby couple. Usually found in trailer parks and suburban eateries (ie TGIFridays, crApplebees, Outback Steak). They are the people with the bloomin' onion on the table and chicken fried steak and snickers pie on the way. Can also been seen on Dr. Phil, and springer re-runs.
Damn that's a huge couple. Their not a couple, their a "chupple"! Big fat greek wedding my butt, they huuuuge dawgg! eHarmony? eGluttony!
by piet h. February 05, 2008
1. chapped and supple at the same time
2. crusty bits of dried ketchup on the top of a ketchup bottle
1. "Skin of that chupplitude is clearly evidence of many years working in the lotion mines"

2. "The chupple on this bottle of chup has grown larger than the bottle itself. I think its about time we busted out the ol' chupple shears again."
by Partrand September 10, 2007
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