A chinese yuppie, they're changing the world economy buying more trendy shit that anyone else in the entire world right now. Why? Because they're chinese and there's a billion of those suckers out there. Everyone's trying to market their products towards them.
The Chuppie are making me so much money, holy cripes batman, we're all going to have to learn chinese or fall behind in the world of buisness.
by Ms. Yaweh April 28, 2006
Top Definition
Derogatory, racist term for a wealthy, upscale or otherwise arrogant, pompous person of far-east asian descent, typically natural-born business-class asian americans (as opposed to foreign born).
My neighbours are a bunch of chuppie bastards.

I sold a gram of some ream shitty scag to this dumb chuppy for €150.
by Wild Drunken Bill July 10, 2008
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