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Slang term for the Corpus Spongiosum. This is the rib-like tube that runs laterally on the underside of the human penis and encases the Urethra.

It becomes more prominent and noticeable when the penis is erect.

First used on the popular comedy podcast Puke & the Gang.
A couple of days after the orgy, he felt a strange burning sensation when squeezing his chunnel.
by Puke & the Gang August 26, 2012
Short for the "channel tunnel", the tunnel that connects Britain and France.
I took the chunnel from Paris to London yesterday.
by yuji June 08, 2003
When two people place a well lubricated tube (either with an artificial lubricant, or something natural such as urine or jizz) between themselves, and place an end into each of their assholes. After the tube is in place, one person poops into the tube with great force, propelling the feces through the tube into the other persons asshole. Following the penetration of the feces, the reciever goes through a pooping motion to send the feces back to the original owner.

Sometimes the second person will add their own feces to the original feces, resulting in a larger poop, which is rumored to add more fun.

The poop can sometimes be lodged in one persons anus, causing the sex act to end until the poop is dislodged, or an enima can remove it.

Usually practiced between gay males.
Bernie and Robert chunnel-ed back and forth for hours, and by the end of the night, their feces had formed into bullet like objects that flew back and forth through the chunnel pipe with great speed, due to the contriction of their assholes, and the tube lubrication.
by Beakeeeeee May 17, 2006
In the technology sector, a chunnel refers to the large air duct that expunges approximately 1,000,000 cubic feet of supercooled air per minute (more or less) onto the area in which you are trying to work. Usually found above cubes or in data centers above the KVM switches that attach to the monitors and keyboards, thusly making the affected technician shiver so much that he mis-types commands and destroys critical data.
In a futile attempt to stave off hypothermia, Joe Mc. created a baffle out of manila folders and stapled them to the chunnel's orifice above his desk. The power of the chunnel and the air spewing forth could not be contained, however, and he is being treated for frostbite.
by BrownPanic February 19, 2008
The art of 2 males connecting their anuses with a plastic, clear tube. The feces is then transported from male to male.
Today, I was caught chunneling with Hoopchap.
by Mattie March 30, 2004
Similar to Chode, but applicable to women i.e. A vagina wider than it is deep. An overly wide vagoon. Derived from the fact that the Chunnel under the English channel is longer than it is deep.
I was gonna hook up with Sally at the party, but it was like throwing a hot dog at a wall her chunnel was so bad.


Shut your chunnel mouth.
by J. Skrillz February 21, 2012
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