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Got some friends getting into a Sloppy munt special? Well you just give 'em a little bit of the old... Chunky chow down! Grab an old man off the street and feed him a heap of stool hardeners along with a banquet of deep fried meats and an array of curries. Now when he is about to explode sneak into the lavatory between his legs and catch the mother load in the mouth. Be sure to bite down into it as you might choke if it goes straight down. Now you want to munch through that, tearing at it, because there will be pockets of diarrhoea juice that when they burst, will fill your mouth with flavour. This is what you're after. Now while the juice is just hitting your tongue, continue to jerk the man (im assuming you were already) and douse yourself with his luke warm mayonnaise. Brilliant. Now what to do with the left overs? Scrape them up with your tongue and pop them into a little tupperware container. They'll keep for a good week in the fridge.
Mike: Got any food in the fridge Jason?Jason: I dunno man, havent been shopping in weeks.Mike: What's that? (points to a tupperware container swimming with chunky chow down deposits in a brownish gravy)Jason: They're my left overs (winks at the camera)
by Alan1 March 04, 2009
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