The act of picking one's nose and wiping the buggers in another's ear.
I was sitting behing James in Ryan's BMW, so I gave him a chunky charlie.
by Vinbar1 May 25, 2008
Top Definition
Tourists seeking a distinctive experience who mob a pristine environment, robbing it of its uniqueness, reducing it to a tourist trap, transforming the rare into the banal, embodying the cliche they seek to escape and spreading it.
from the movie the Beach, Daffy (Robert Carlyle) "The big, chunky charlie's eating up the whole world!"
by pottergreen May 14, 2015
The act of taking a dump in your sexual partners mouth.
Guy 1: Dude, I just gave my girl a Stanley Steamer last night

Guy 2: Yeah, well my girl let me give her a chunky charlie after mexican food.

Guy 1: Lucky fucking bastard!
by Licksmypo September 04, 2009
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