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A facial expression which scientists have discovered to have originated from the species of a Yoochun. A Chunface is specifically used when around young, innocent children and is especially evident when a Yoochun is caressing the child's legs and/or hands. The Chunface is also used when it sees it's mating partner, a Junsu, stroking a Hitsumabushi like an arpeggio. It is said that anyone incurring the wrath of a Chunface will face momentary comatose as it will try to seduce said person by convincing that his love for them is 'bigger than a gingerbread man's vitality'. It's mating partner, a Junsu, has confirmed that the quote is from a Yoochun's widely published theory of porno.

Studies have shown that a Chunface used in the presence of a Junsu will result in an extremely high-pitch dolphin-like enraged squeak that is said to cause a Yoochun to suffer from temporary hearing loss. Caution is advised.
"Say, that's a really cute, innocent child over there!"
"I feel a Chunface coming on."
by peachinlabel April 29, 2011
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