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That place (mostly those 'slightly' intoxicated with alcohol) tend to visit after a night out, and upchuck their guts, all in the name of chundering.
Woah, last night was epic, them last 3 jagerbombs really sent me on my way to chunderville though!
by Swinford! October 10, 2010
When one consumes far too much alcohol and needs to 'Chunder' they are going to a place called 'Chunderville'.

Chunderville is a place everybody visits at least once in their life.

Chunderville is also know as 'Judith Chunderith', 'Judy' and 'The Ville'.
When one is going to Chunder they would say:

Im going to meet Judith in a bit.
Im just gonna purchase my one way ticket to The Ville.
I just took my love down to Chunderville.

After one has chundered they would say:

I just Ville'd
I just see Judy coming out the bogs.

Joe: Im going to Chunderville soon

Derek: Have you purchased your one way ticket yet?

Joe: Did'nt need to purchase, it came free with that last Jagerbomb.

Coldplay lyric: "I took my love down to Chunder Ville"
by Derek Smith Innit! September 30, 2011
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