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Throwing up after a heavy drinking session, either on the evening or the following morning. Chunderbirds involves a ranking system dependant upon the amount of time thrown up.
Chunderbird private (1-2)
Chunderbird sky officer (3-4)
Chunderbird ground warden (5-6)
Chunderbird brigadier (7-8)
Chunderbird death agent (9-10)
Chunderbird apache warrior (11+)
When about to throw up, or after someone has thrown up. Chunderbirds are GO!
by Chunderbird1 January 23, 2011
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A girl who is so ugly that when you look at her you chunder.
Mate 1: Oh My Daiz she is a chunderbird
Mate 2: - Unable to speak due to chundering -
by Scratchi January 09, 2008
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A word used to describe a person partaking in the act of an epic chunder (vomiting).
"Hey keeves, check out glen he is getting sick in public again!" "Haha, what a waster! CHUNDERBIRDS ARE GO!"
by Lad! December 29, 2009
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