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A large chump, godzilla in size.
Man, you are one chumpzilla
by Bob Dole February 04, 2004
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1. A person, namely a male, who talks a big game but has none whatsoever. This individual goes to the gym but only to leer at others working out.

2. The biggest of all the chumps.
Two of Mike's friends get into a fight. Mike hides under the table in the fetal position...The next day at the gym Mike has the audacity to say he didn't want to jump in because he is too big. Everyone agrees that Mike is a true Chumpzilla.
by urbestnightmare February 02, 2012
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is when someone is such a big chump that there is no possible way they could chump out even more. making them the godzilla of all chumps.
Just when you thought ryan couldnt be more of a chump he goes and makes himself chumpzilla
by the real wise man January 02, 2010
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