one who is the total opposite of being humble, sincere, honest, kind. someone who is usually a conceited, stuckup bitch or ass who thinks that they are always right, totally perfect, and extra cool, while in reality they are intolerable.
Julie was such a chumbler that she started to lose all decent friends as she became more & more egotistical
by Z-gurl September 18, 2006
Top Definition
after an intense blowy, you put your balls in a large glass of water. Than the girl (or guy JW) puts a straw into the glass and blows, creating a jacuzzi like sensation for your goint factory.
Wow, that was the best bj i have ever gotten, but a chumbler would really hit the spot!

So i was getting my daily chumbler yesterday and i only had my batman cup...... somehow my balls swelled up from the intense chumble and they were stuck in that cup for 3 HOURS!!!
by Joseph Burns April 18, 2010
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