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Noun; Similar to Scumbag, which is a dirtbag, skank, loser or generally disgusting person that one would hate, (either on principal, of simply to be around) Chumbag is a disgusting breed of human that not only do you hate, but you also hope they get eaten; by a shark, sea-monster, Nessie, The Loch Ness Monster or anything that has many sharp teeth and so few taste buds it doesn't care what it eats, so long as it bleeds.
"Gross! Did you smell that dirty old chumbag when he walked by?"

"Sick, dude, how could I not smell that nasty ass chumbag from way over here, approximately 500 yards upwind, because that chumbag stinks so bad!"
by H8tehFknWorld September 14, 2009
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