A term used by Central American latinos to describe africans. Especially African musicians
I can't stand that chumba music, play some more Gloria Estefan
by Mark Preston March 12, 2003
Top Definition
Secret code used in forums to describe a sexual act of the anal kind with the oposite sex.
To place ones penis in the anus of ones female partner.
"I wonder if she's partial to Chumba"
"I'm gonna get me some Chumba tonight"
by 2Fast May 12, 2006
A sexual preference often expressed by Scouse Monkey. Other expressions would be 'driving one up her marmite motorway', 'doing a spot of uphill gardening', 'going for the difficult brown' or just simply 'taking her up the arse'
"Would you like to come back to my place for a spot of chumba"?
by mc_stoo May 11, 2006
in Puerto Rican it means a flat butt
in Central American it is a type of Garifuna music
Esa chamaca es bonita pero muy chumbada (chumba')
La musica chumba es de los Garifunas equal a La Punta.
by La Chicdebreak September 15, 2013
V. to release very potent gases from your ass
oh nooooo, i think im gunna Chumba!
by Hadlock79 May 02, 2012
Another name for cocaine
That was a good bit of chumba we got last night.
by polsky November 23, 2007
Chumba is the meaning of awesome, uber. Refers to Me > You. Originated on homestarrunner.net. See elite.
Whoa, Chumba pwned our arse's.
by Chumba/John December 07, 2004
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