aka Chupa Verga, is full of white people, Castle Park is exaggerated and not ghetto, even otay putas are ashamed and rep south san diego, theres so many wanksters in chula vista that they dont rep gangs, they rep schools, mostly castle park,but castle park is full of paisas and socials, the white boys try to act cholo with cortezes and shorts with long socks, while most mexican wanksters try to act black, with 6x t-shirts, ecko unlimited clothes, red,white and black striped shirts, southpole shirts, and bumping new school rap (nigga music eg soulja boy). castle park wanksters sometimes get jumped after school by real cholos from OTNC. its gangs VCV, white wanksters thinking theyre untouchable, but really the only rival is otay putas(Putay My Shoes, Idiotay) and real gangs dont even bother with VCV, because theyre so lame, and dont rule Chupa Verga. the Bonita area is moderately ghetto in highschool, because parents from real ghetto cities like Logan, San Ysidro, and National City, desperately want their kids to succeed, but since many of these parents had the same idea, these little cholos just fuck around, get high in bathrooms, fight each other, and ditch school, since its fuckin easy to ditch from any part of there.
me and my homies cruised in chula vista and just laid back at the taco shop until some putas from otay called us out, we decked their asses and came up on their cash and a baby blue LT chargers jersey. My homie tagged a big ass NC on the unconscious puta's t-shirt.
by Olden BoyNC WestSide October 27, 2007
The most ghetto place of San Diego County followed closely by Escondido, Santee and Impiral Beach. Most refeer to it as Chula Juana.
You live in Chula Vist...We have to go...
by shultz August 21, 2004
WEST chula vista is the third most ghetto place in San Diego. The most ghetto place in San Diego is San Ysidro, then National City, then Chula. Come on, people
Eastern chula vista is the most boring, mind-numbing place on earth... but now they have a Target store.
by sundown May 08, 2005
chula vista is the 2nd most ghetto place in sd the 1st is national city the 3rd is i.b. then el cajon then escondido
chula vista is growing
by zerron April 19, 2005
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