A chubby or rotund person. A portly baby or toddler that resembles the Michelin Man. A rounded looking animal such as a toad or hedgehog.
You're baby is such a chuggle; I want to smoosh him.
by Mike Patrick Kowall October 20, 2008
Top Definition
the shit you take after eating Chinese food, especially bad Chinese food. This shit usually comes in stages, culminating in one giant chuggle but can occur as one cataclysmic event.
FUCK YOU, YOU DUSTY FUCK! I shit out a chuggle the size of your mom's asshole the last time I went there
by MofuckinDrJ October 13, 2010
A crusty accumulation of excretory substance, including, but not limited to: fecal matter, pubic elements, G.A.R (greasy ass residue), menstrual sauce, vaginal and/or penile discharge (not restricted to infectious discharge), hematic elements, emesis, and/or poopal spray, found among various conventionally unreachable areas associated with waste allocation. It is critical not to restrict this definition to waste allocation devices and/or locations, septic systems, or the full spectrum of plumbing apparatus.
"It took me hours to clean all the chuggle out of my ears after last night's water sports."

"I found some prime chuggle under the toilet rim and added it to tonight's stew."

by Brush & Paul March 03, 2007
Chuckle that sounds ugly. "that guy" always has this laugh, it sounds like a pig is raping a chicken.
Ryan chuggles every day after one of his retarded one-liners. The sound of his chuggle makes my ears bleed.
by River Dike March 10, 2011
v. to swallow something whole (or at least as much as is possible), such as when someone takes an entire penis into his or her mouth. Also: to swallow large amounts of semen while holding an entire penis in one's mouth.
Chuggle my nuttacles!
by Vega2119 May 21, 2009
to walk in a swagger like fashion
Everybody stared as we chuggled down the street
by chugglemaster101 June 10, 2011
the ripples and jiggling created after pulling a breast away from the body and releasing
i didn't get past second base with megan, but she did let me chuggle her.

he chuggled me too hard last night- my tits feel saggy.
by kehh September 27, 2009
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