Used as an alternative to Wanker or Asshole. Believed to originate from a McDonalds restuarant in Northern Ireland
"That guy is a serious chufter"
by Colin July 01, 2004
Top Definition
A lady's major front entrance.
'Hey, stick that up her Chufter!'
by Benjo P May 29, 2008
Scottish slang for the term ass; arse; etc.
"Aye, she took it up the chufter"
by The man next door. June 30, 2009
1: opposite of on fleek
2: a person into strange kinks
1: Dang, Michelle's eyebrows look so chufter today.

2: That nasty chufter Zach tried to jizz in my eye last night.
by Bloody Maya July 06, 2015
Cornish slang

A marajuana cigarette, generally quite a strong one
Hey Jonny, is it okay if I roll up a Chufter?
by Timmielongskatedeath November 05, 2007
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