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This is a strong vodka drink. This drink can be made with kool aid or country time lemonade. Mix vodka, kool aid and water (from a lake or river that has been purified). This is a camping drink when weight is an issue and everything must be backpacked in. It can be made very sweet by just adding more mix. This drink was made famous by an ex Green Bay Packer in a hot tube with a young girl. This drink should always be served in a Nalgene bottle and shaken not stirred.
Krust could you mix me up another Chuey. I need to get my drink on.
by popabigballz July 13, 2010
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A type of marijuana laced with cocaine. If yall foos dont believe me download Frisco by Andre Nikatina and listen to him say smoke chuey nigga can you feel that contact.
Hey dude lets go smoke a chuey bowl.
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"Shit that wave is chuey!!"
by J-Greene September 08, 2008
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