The smear of greasy residue on the screen of a smart phone. Cheek smudge.
"May I borrow your phone?" "Sure, but let me wipe off the chudge first."
by Shelou March 12, 2015
(Verb) To persistantly pester/stalk someone of the opposite sex that you are interested in, but they do not share the same feelings for you.

(Verb) To always be in the presence of someone who does not enjoy your company.

(Verb) To cockblock one's self.

(Noun) Someone who is often chudging or is a master of chudging

Amanda was chudging Mike, so we couldn't meet alone with him.

Carrie chudges so much on Jake, Jake can't even piss alone.

Mike chudged Lindsey to the point where Lindsey was annoyed with him.
my defenition of chudge is cheese + fudge = chudge!
it tastes sooooo good!
" can I have some chudge, please." ( cheese + fudge = chudge)
by so,so,so cool83 January 28, 2010
1.To have a good time or be in the presence of those who are having a good time.

2. To give props for something that has earned a compliment.

syn. ,sweet, nice,cool,awesome

ant. Weak , Whack , Not cool,
1. Chudge it up man.
Man Scott and Jeff are chudgin'.

2. What did you think of that shred session?
by Phillip Andrew Taylor January 26, 2009
N: A Person who drinks alot, fights alot, and is a cute fat ball of love.
George is the only chudge around here!
by Rich February 29, 2004
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