Nickname given to former NFL head coach and current NFL analyst, Jon Gruden, for his similar looks to the doll in the Movie "Child's Play."
Chucky made a good point when he said the Cowboys could win the NFC East this year.
by Nealeo January 05, 2010
Ones testicles or ones stones.
she booted me right in the chuckies!!
by Leed November 17, 2004
1. one who is of ginger Complexion (aka red barrons, firecrotcH, gingErs)

2. the eviL little doll from childS play
- hEy bro check out thAt little chucky hoe

- ehhhh gingers creep me
by Mr. Fushigi June 27, 2010
Scottish word for testicles. The term is extrapilated from the term "chuckie stanes" which in English, means "Throwing stones" meaning small stones suitable for throwing or firing from a catapult.
There's nothing worse that a boot in the chuckies!
by Kennie J Young July 21, 2008
AKA Charles: Perfect, and so amazing. Hot, atheltic, and very smart. He knows what to say and how to listen. Chucky is tall and has dirty blonde hair always sitting perfectly on his head. Chucky looks sexy in blue & anything DC.

2. Chucky: a former player, but now has his mind set on one female. (apperently) xD
Shayla: Wow that guys almost as perfect as chucky!

Shannon: But no one is as amazing as him♥
by Mr.Timn(with an N) October 18, 2011
1.) A large mouse mascot that often gets his leg humped many small children
2.) A child with brief insanity and an urge to live up to his nickname
1.) "Will some body please get this kid off of me, I think 26 is a little to old for chucky."
2.) There goes Chucky off to disrupt another peaeful afternoon
by heroshield August 31, 2010
Someone who is looking for acceptance from others...wants to be an all around "good guy".

Joe: Isn't that Steve over there hanging out with the football players?
Kevin: Yeah, they treat him like shit but he still hangs out with them
Joe: He is always trying to fit in, he's such a chucky
by Bridget J October 13, 2007
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