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A 'chucklevision' is when you push someone over who is either drunk or not expecting it. If they do a classic comedy fall and people around laugh at whats happened, the person who pushed the other person over has to sing the theme tune to 'chuckle vision'
'lets chucklevision tony he's well pissed'

*pushes tony*

Tony: waaaah *falls to the floor*

*people laugh*

Chucklevision !
by PinkPanther8 August 20, 2010
Drinking so much that you become convinced that the Chuckle Brothers are in your peripheral vision.
"Anyone got another beer? Good God, is that Barry Chuckle on your couch"
by vivalaricicles July 30, 2005
Named after a popular English t.v. show in the 90's. This is a reference to how drunk someone is.

Chuckle = Funny = Strange = Blurry Vision.

Chuckle Vision
Man - I think I need to sit down. I've got mega chuckle vision!
by Cornelius Court April 18, 2011
to ejaculate in a person's eyes, then as they struggle to see, the theme to Chucklevision is sung
Joe ejaculated in Suzie's eyes, as she stumbled around blindly, Joe sang "Chuckle chuckle vision, ch-chuckle vision" in amusement, thus giving her chucklevision
by John Greebo April 28, 2010
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