a blockheaded bonehead moron
Shut up you chucklehead. Boy, Bob sure is a chuckleheaded idiot. He's so stupid he forgot to friggin shut up his face
by Al Bombz September 11, 2003
Top Definition
Some clown who takes nothing seriously.
That chucklehead insists that Einstein was an imaginary person like God.
by aussieintn January 29, 2005
A person who is bordering on being a buffoon.One who habitually laughs to relieve stress.
That chuckle head laughed through his whole court appearance.
by Kirk Marshall December 08, 2005
Someone who laughs at own jokes in order to get others to laugh along with them. Usually these are clownish characters many find unfunny.
"Boy that Jay Leno sure is a chucklehead! That last bit was not even funny and he's chuckling, bouncing his head around like a moron"
by chuck l. head October 26, 2008
A person of moronic stature, generally a new boyfriend of your ex-girlfriend that you find to be a total idiot.
Yeah, she's dating some new guy that sells Saturn's. He's a chucklehead.
by douknowchriso July 30, 2008
Apart from being used to describe a stupid and awkward person, the term "Chucklehead" may also be used as a term of endearment. Usually used for friends with poor communication skills, that arrive late to your social gatherings, that are ignorant and oblivious, that have trouble forming sentences with correct subject/verb agreement, and that are just plain stupid.
Bob just called,he's lost in your neighborhood and is going to be late...what.a.chucklehead
a chucklehead is someone who is annoying, stupid/idiotic, lame and is a huge prick!
leith: gosh! today while i was studying, joel brendans threw fruit nuggets at my head!
jeffery: zomg what chuckleheads! gosh!
by EVIE TRAN August 16, 2009
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