What ever you think it is, always remember that it’s not what you think it is, it’s Chuck Testa.

Chuck Testa refers to Chuck Testa who is a taxidermist from Ojai Valley, California. To advertise his service of making furry little creatures look alive once more, he has created a highly awesome, yet creepy ad.. If it looks alive, it’s not, it’s Chuck Testa. If there’s a bear in your bed, it’s not a bear, it’s Chuck Testa.
You thought this was another meme, well in ways your right, nope! Chuck Testa.
by calimani77 September 16, 2011
You probably thought I was going to define Chuck Testa... Nope! Chuck Testa.
Tough love baby.

Nope, Chuck Testa
by Ville Blixa November 09, 2011
1) Verb: to chuck testa: to fool people into thinking they are in the same room as a usually ferocious or agressive animal through impressive feats of taxidermy.

2) As an alternative to saying 'no' or 'nope'
'HOLY FUCK THERE'S A LEOPARD IN THE BATHROOM!' 'Nope, I just Chuck Testa'd yo ass!'

'Do you wanna go get some pizza?' 'Chuck Testa, I got football practice'
by BelgianJungleSound September 26, 2011
(adjective) The condition of very nearly dying in a video game whereby the life bar is 99% or 100% depleted, yet the character is still alive or (through a glitch) still playable.
Player: Holly shit dude did I just die?
Friend: Nope, you're Chuck Testa, see, move the stick.
by CatharticLethargic October 29, 2011

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