A magical playland where a pedophile in a mouse costume watches children play and gives them fake money in the form of tickets. A place where losing in skeeball or not getting a 10,000 ticket prize results in children crying out of sheer depression. A place where workers couldn't give less of a shit who does what. A place where little childrens birthday parties are held and a giant animatronic mouse often malfunctions causing little Sally to act like a broken twig bitch. Diseases.
Sally stop crying in Chuck E Cheeses the mouse isn't real it's a robot, beyotch!
by cali-penguin January 12, 2015
Verb. The act of intentionally giving another person an STD.
Person 1: "Dude, I totally just Chuck E. Cheesed Renee."

Person 2: "Nice! What did you give her?"

Person 1: "AIDS, Gonorrhea, and Herpes."
by bgwrestler January 06, 2009

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