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a place where you can pay for some cheap entertainment, and catch a contagious disease....
Chuck E. Cheeses is gross-it's the kind of place you take your kids if you hate them

We took Debbie and Biff to Chuck E. Cheese-they spent $30 dollars on Skee-Ball and only won 5 tickets, Biff got into a fight with another kid, and they both have Staph!
by repoed2 July 23, 2009
Where a kid can be a kid... DUHH or in some cases Where a kid can be a star. And can eat greasy pizza.
Dad: Where is a good place to get rid of the kids?
Mom: At Chuck E Cheese's
by coooolkarmkarm October 05, 2009
Chuck E. Cheese; a parent's worst nightmare. Delicious pizza & snotty brats asking you for extra money or coins. Parents avoid passing it up in fear of hearing the loud cry of "CHUCKEEEEEEEEEE CHCHCHEEEEEEEEEEESEEEEE!" And forced to waste $45.00 on pizza, hot wings,soda, & love it. May dominate Speedzone, Celebration Station, or Main Event one day. WHEN PIGS FLY!
Parent is stuck in traffic with an empty shortcut street with CHUCK E. CHEESE SIGNS ALL OVER TH PLACE. 7 other cars are way ahead of you. Finally decides to go faster than Ozzy Osborne at an OMG Girlz concert

Pulls into Chuck E. Cheese.
by TINKERBELL98 June 24, 2010
an abomination that combines diarrhea-soaked pizza, disgusting kid playscape and games,a screwy rat thing that fondles you every time you turn around, and horrible horrible kids
Chuck E. Cheese should be flagged for hosting pedophiles who just love to perform pedophile pinatas on little fat fucks called kids that just love to nuzzle it up down you-know-where
by cockslap#1bitches September 07, 2014
A place for youngsters to have a good time and enjoy pizza.
Also a place to get fucked in public and nobody cares.
At chuck e cheese the other day, I was playing a car race game. I won, then a hot girl come up to me and sits on my lap. She pulled my pants down a little and proceeded to ride my cock in public.
by yomama0 January 29, 2014
I pizza/entertainment chain that features a arcade and usually a animatronic band. You can get pizza along with other dishes. It was established in 1977 by the maker of Atari and is still in business to this day. Contrary to popular belief, Chuck E. Cheese's is not filled with pedophiles. The prizes are pretty shitty though.
Person 1: Wanna go to Chuck E. Cheese's?
Person 2: Sure
by GoatDestroyer138 October 25, 2015
A magical playland where a pedophile in a mouse costume watches children play and gives them fake money in the form of tickets. A place where losing in skeeball or not getting a 10,000 ticket prize results in children crying out of sheer depression. A place where workers couldn't give less of a shit who does what. A place where little childrens birthday parties are held and a giant animatronic mouse often malfunctions causing little Sally to act like a broken twig bitch. Diseases.
Sally stop crying in Chuck E Cheeses the mouse isn't real it's a robot, beyotch!
by cali-penguin January 12, 2015
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