The most incredible creature ever to live. Also a sex god with a huge penis.
I saw chuck noris and now I don't know what to beleive in.
by Jacky8888 November 07, 2013
Top Definition
Duh Duh Duh, someone forgot an "r."
It's Chuck Norris, not Chuck Noris, doofus.
by McIrish April 11, 2006
When you ejaculate in a girl's face then round house kick her.
I "Chuck Norised" the shit outta that bitch
by Ronald Regan February 15, 2005
You better fix that spelling mistake before he kills you!
its spelt Chuck Norris not Chuck noris, id tell you to run but there's no point, he will find you!
by jobflobadobyob January 12, 2011
Some Historians believe that the dinosaurs were killed by a meteorite. In fact the extinction of the dinosaurs was brought on when a tyrannasaurus rex made the mistake of making direct eye contact with Chuck Norris. The roundhouse kick unleashed caused massive ammounts of dust to cover the sky while he hunted the rest of the dinosaur. He then made love with 144 cavewomen to populate the earth.
Mess with Chuck Noris and you will meet an untimely death.
by Coron January 30, 2006
an easily made fun of celeberty.
chuck noris's tears cure cancer
too bad chuck noris has never cried
by joe ben-avie December 14, 2005
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