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They're the group of girls that's the "popular click" in your school; they think everybody loves them when everyone is really talking sh**t about them behind they're backs. They take turns in whose person's life to ruin/spoil/make miserable.
Carole: I used to be part of the Chuchis, but they made be miserable and kicked me out.

Deena: Yeah, they're so stuck-up, I wanna kill them!
by potterdenu April 19, 2007
chu-chi is like the word f***. it can apply to anything, person, or situation ever imaginable that exists in the universe or our minds.
why are you so chu-chi??(negative meaning)

aww you're so chu-chi(positive meaning)

this is chu-chi

stop being chu-chi or stop being such a chu-chi

that table is chu-chi

why do i feel so chu-chi
by lthnnzn February 18, 2008
A term hen unsure if a friend is having either Japanesse Sushi or Pussy for his lunch break.
Hey man, are you taking a long lunch for CHUCHI?
by Baro, J', Javo May 07, 2003
A womans pussy, or a transvestites newly sergivally put in pussy, it depends how u want to use it...
OMG! I want to eat that chuchi all night long!!!!!
by Heavenlysinner October 23, 2006
A Chuchi is a pussy or a male being a Bitch
Joe is such a Chichi. " Dude your such a Chuchi you should have raped that bitch!"
by Kanna Hahai 'imi May 17, 2008