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This word describes the type of pipe smoking, slipper wearing retard that drives one of teh best handling sports cars in the world evar like a fooking old granny. A Chubbletursh spends more time defending the marque, frowning upon modifications, shunning drifters, banning idle chit-chat, denying the existance of Caturday, etc etc, than actually enjoying the thrilling ride.

I say ban Chubbleturshes completely.

A Chubbletursh can even exist whom does not even own one of the cars concerned. This type of Chubbletursh is also normally a bit of a po faced prick.
ZOMFG!!!1 Look at that Chubbletursh polishing the inside of his exhaust!!1

Look at that fricking Chubbletursh spacking out over a moddified '5!!!1

WTF? Your car is completely standard? Are you a freaking Chubbletursh?..... Hey guys? This guy's a Chubbletursh!!!11 BURN HIM!!!!1
by Fred Goatse November 29, 2007