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Group of females constantly in the process of dieting and discussing latest slimming techniques. But somehow fail to avoid the obvious solutions such as reduced chocolate bar consumption or exercise. Spend most of their time in fact doing the inverse and chubbin' up.
“Looks like the Chub Club are heading out to lunch”

“Are they driving across?”

“Of course they are”

“But it’s only 100 yards, why don’t they walk”

“Cos they are chubbin’ up”
by NESW123 April 29, 2010
A semi-erect penis that hits both hard and strong
While she's down there, slap her with your chub club to remind her who's boss
by Your_Friend_Alex October 24, 2015
a bunch of fat asses that think there cool!
the chub club is fuckin gay
by pimphomeo July 30, 2003

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