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To chub or chubbin is the process of becoming erect in response to a positive stimulus such as "sexy story" in a back alley.
Hey Brian, Last night I made love to my wife and I had the greatest sex, we 69'ed and she kept the change, oh I'm chubbin.
by Gordo2007 June 21, 2007
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Chubbin is a slang term for the emotional post-relationship feeling that you get after losing a girlfriend. The act of dwelling on how much you miss the relationship or significant other.
Charles: "Hey, where's Jamal?"
Tito: "Man he's just sitting home chubbin on his ex."
by Cliggs March 16, 2013
To go to a club with the sole intention of picking up fat chicks.
You have any luck chubbin' last night Brandon?
Adam loves to go out chubbin' on the weekends.
by Sandy W. February 26, 2008
the act of being extremely annoying or stupid while being fat at the same time; stupidity, retardness, slow, dumb.
I told Billy to stop CHUBBIN' when he was running around screaming that the sky was falling.

Yo! Quit Chubbin' up all the food you fat hog!
by Brandon Pinkney October 31, 2007
I'm loving Chubbins's attempt at insulting me with the name of the mysterious poster in the definition below. Personally, I think my insulting post was much better.
Hugh: "Don't you think Chubbins is a bit of a knob?"

Alex Allan: "Yes I do"
by The Chunnyman November 14, 2004
a word used to define one's favorite cola snack (aka soda)

other words would include: chibbins, chubster, chuberina, chubbykidsclub, chuberoono, the chubmeister, chubtastic and many others.
"Oh my goodness! That chubbins was the best soda I have had since preschool!"
by ilovechubbysoda August 19, 2008
When two males have reached an impasse regarding one another's sexuality, and decide to solve the issue with a game of CHUBBIN' it out.

Chubbin' refers to the jousting of penis' at "half-mast," the man who's penis is the most erect at the instant of contact is the gay. (Because he was more aroused in the presence of another man)
"dude, you are gay"

"no you are!"

"lets just see, let's chub it out!"

(said by both) "AY-YA!"

"you were the most hard, you are gayer than me"

"Cheers brah"

"no cheers for you, I don't cheers fags"

"I admit defeat. This round of chubbin' was a success."
by Dan Dunnskies January 03, 2009

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