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1. A monkey pencilcase.

2. A barbarian
"Dude, gimme' yo chua, I need a pen!"

"Where'd my chua go... I have a test today and have no utensils to use...!"

"My chua is my soulmate for school"

"Ms, stop actin like a chua! Act civilized please!"

"Don't be a chua be proper and have etiquette!"
by punkrock333 June 06, 2009
A person of Asian decent, usually of Chinese ethnicity, who is often good looking and financially successful.
Wow, Kevin you've become such a Chua since the last time we met. Do you want to have drinks sometime?
by Associate Web Editor February 11, 2009
Fat ignorant fuckers, normally of a chinese decendent that believe they are good at everything like singing or playing basketball.
Person 1: Did you see that fat chink trying to play ball?
Person 2: I know! Hes such a chua.
by ALL-SAS February 24, 2010
A Asian person who has lots of money and is also a GIANT ASSHOLE to others. They also buy only exspensive vehicles and parade around in them like idiots.
Patrick, you are such a Chua with all your cash, cars, and bad attitude!
by Frank Johnson Hairy June 19, 2007
Noun: a person who has no life and has no brains and gets bad grades.
yo..stop acting like Chua!
by REALWURLD June 18, 2004