The sexyest man alive. Famous Web designer
Girl: OMG Chrys i wanna fuck you!!!

Chrys: Now Now at a time
by punkkarebear May 10, 2006
Top Definition
A short form for the name Chrysander originating from Greece meaning 'a golden man'.

A person with this name is just that... a golden man. He ceases to amaze us with his love for life, passion for love and devotion to all he believes in. A handsome adonis, both within and without, Chrys stands up for his loved ones and is the most loyal man you will meet. Your life will begin the day he walks into it... or into your dreams.

With the face of an angel and a heart carved out of pure gold, he accomplishes all he sets out to achieve. Just his presence in a room makes our being there a blessing. The best man ever, you know he'll be there to hold you tight no matter how hard life may be. He is one to trust, today and forever, just you wait and see.
Everyday he will make me smile,

With a dear sweet hello in warm style.

You're my strong pillar of bliss,

I am here, always here, oh my dear Chrys.
by pedroslady119 May 22, 2010
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