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The little known tenth circle of hell. Reserved specifically for those who post unceasing amounts of stupidity and repetitive rants on message boards. Not to be confused with trolls, who are cool. This refers more generally to people who just show up and keep posting even though no one likes them or gives a shit. Or anyone else who pisses me off.

It is a terrible place filled with morons, feces; both verbal and anal, syphillis, skunkweed, and trailers. Lots and lots of Trailers. Every thursday night is social night with the comedy stylings of Carrot Top, karaoke by Britney Spears, and Clay Aiken sucking off a donkey.

This was created in the heyday of and later for the purpose of housing the overwhelming hordes of retard that showed up. Especially fans of American Idol. I'll see you all in hell.
Armywife: Everyone listen to my long, grammar-free monologue on why the war in Iraq is wrong/right/good/bad/orgasmic, etc.
TisHimself: Fuck off, cunt.
Armywife: But no, Dick Cheney rules and George Bush sucks and I just masturbated to Al Gore, etc.
TisHimself: Alright, I'll see your ass at the Chronic Tard Farm.
Armywife: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! *Wilhelm Scream*
by Tis_Himself November 20, 2007
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