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Chronic Masturbatory Syndrome is an affliction given to any person, male or female, normally around puberty, adulthood, and even in old age.

The telltale signs of Chronic Masturbatory Syndrome, or CMS, is very clear. The afflicted person may seem fidgety at points, and express their sexual fantasies.

Then comes the time when they masturbate. A lot.

We're talking 3 to 9 times a day.

This will happen at random times, and can pop up at any time.

They'll look at the most depraved porn just to get off.

This is a condition affecting many, and there is no known cure.
"Hey dude, are you feeling okay?"

"Man, I got a bad case of CMS."

"Chronic Masturbatory Syndrome? I'll get the tissue paper."
by ShantyMan69t February 12, 2013
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