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1. An agreement between two or more persons to meet at a designated place and time, for the purposes of smoking or ingesting cannabis.

2. The smoking/ingesting session(or "sesh") itself.

3. The designated, pre-determined meeting place where, there-in, one or more people go to smoke and/or ingest cannabis.
While sitting at home one lazy, reefer-deprived afternoon, our most humble and auspicious narrator devises a scheme that will assuredly solve all of his current problems. And so, he reaches for his telephone:

Cole- "yo, whattup dawg?"

Jen- "just jangin."

Cole- "I can dig it. Chrondezvous?"

Jen- "You read my FUCKING mind! Duck pond?"

Cole- "Hellz yeah! Don't forget your papers!"
by Cole from North Van August 20, 2008
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