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A holiday powered by oil stolen from the middle east so that you can enjoy more of the spoils of war than any other select group of "chosen people".

Christofascmus indoctrinates children into materialism. Once they are addicted to products, they are merely corporate puppets on a string that will slave away to out perform the gift giving of their neighbors.

- Gorging yourself on gifts while being completely oblivious to the fact that they are just spoils of war.

- Generally, the "good kids" are the ones that have wealthier parents that are able to pillage more than others.

- The Military Industrial Complex ensures that the wealth distribution hierarchy is based on who builds the most bombs and guns to kill brown people for god. Therefore, those with the most expensive presents also tend to be the most fascist.
Gee dad, this is the best Christofascmus ever!. I really love the plastic army guys, but the BB gun assault rifle replica is the BOMB!

The holiday spirit is in the air. This is an especially extraordinary Christofascmus. People are abuzz with activities such as monopolizing land and stealing gold. Diamonds, drugs and oil, oh my!

"Oh Henry, this diamond necklace is beautiful." -wife
"Thanks honey, I hired some mercenaries in Nicaragua to enslave some miners for you!" - husband
"This is the best Christofascmus ever!" -wife
by EvilEmpire666 December 23, 2011
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