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The aftermath of the Christmas celebrations.
"A great day but it was a nightmare cleaning up all that Christmess afterwards."
by Eldarion December 24, 2005
the paper and ribbons and tree needles left all over the house during December
I'd love to have you over but my place is too much of a Christmess disaster area.
by oceanswimmr November 27, 2010
All the junk that's cluttering up the house after Christmas.
Christmess, Wrapping paper, bows, stale treats
by Biff_Malibu December 28, 2009
The offense engendered by wishing someone a Merry Christmas when they're actually celebrating a Happy Hannukah or just having a Happy Holiday.
How should I know that sending my friend, Isaac, that "Merry Christmas" text message would make such a christmess?
by WuNate December 25, 2005
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